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Understanding the voice of the customer

Survey Analysis SoftwareSurveys help an organization learn key issues and improvements suggested by customers and employees. To better understand the results of a survey, an organization needs to go beyond structured questions and analyze text responses to open ended questions. Megaputer provides a state-of-the-art survey analysis tool for thorough analysis and automated coding of text responses, combined with the powerful analysis of structured data and flexible report generation capabilities.

Megaputer's survey analysis tool built on our flagship analytical platform PolyAnalyst, offers:

  • Intelligent spell checking algorithm for cleaning and normalizing raw data
  • Automated coding and categorization of text responses
  • Discovering previously unknown topics suggested by data
  • Text clustering and tentative taxonomy generation
  • Detecting of positive vs. negative sentiments
  • Visualizing correlation between values of structured attributes and detected term patterns
  • Multi-dimensional analysis with OLAP cubes combing structured and textual data
  • Monitoring trends in data and generating alerts
  • Generating easy to understand graphical reports for business users
  • Scheduling the execution of the same analysis scenarios on new batches of data
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