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Identify and rank probable subrogation opportunities

Subrogation Analysis SoftwareA valuable subrogation opportunity might be missed due to various reasons, ranging from claim handler incompetence or poor motivation, to the sheer complexity and time span of a claim and the associated legislation system. Analysts estimate that subrogation opportunities missed by different insurance companies amount to about $15 billion per year nationwide. If your company is still bearing its share of missed subrogations, this problem might cost you hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Megaputer can help you recover a good portion of these wasted resources.

Megaputer's subrogation prediction tool develops a claim categorization model based on the analysis a representative collection of historical claims data where the "subrogation/no-subrogation" decision was already made by a human analyst. The system assigns the subrogation potential score to each claim and identifies most probable money recovery opportunities through the automated analysis of claims data, including textual notes.

Megaputer's subrogation prediction solution, built on our flagship analytical platform, PolyAnalyst, offers:

  • Powerful machine learning algorithms for developing a subrogation model
  • On-the-fly prediction of claim subrogation potential
  • The ability to process millions of claims
  • A broad selection of data manipulation and modeling algorithms
  • The ability to easily build multi-step, data analysis scenarios
  • Simple integration with case management tools
  • Experienced assistance and consulting by Megaputer analysts
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