Challenging problems. Flexible analytics. Superior results.

Megaputer's multi-strategy toolkit approach fulfills numerous application domains from survey analysis and market research to bio-informatics research and the development of physics models. Our flagship product, PolyAnalyst, can be customized to fit your specific needs and can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Coupled with our analytical expertise and 10+ years of consulting experience, proven return on investment in several environments, and dedicated, trained and personal support staff, you can rest assured that our software will deliver results. If you do not see your task listed here, please contact us, as we are more than willing to spend the time to understand and meet your challenge.

Survey Analysis Survey Analysis
Code open ends, look for correlations and generate reports
Response Prediction Response Prediction
Improve your response rate using historical data analysis
Fraud Detection Fraud Detection
Investigate abuse with pre-payment and retrospective analysis
Call Center Analysis Call Center Analysis
Slice n' dice calls by demographics and keywords
Cross Sell Analysis Cross Sell Analysis
Identify opportunities in your transactions
Subrogation Analysis Subrogation Analysis
Identifiy and rank probable subrogation opportunities
Complaint Analysis Complaint Analysis
Reveal problems and their root casues
Purchase Recommendations Purchase Recommendations
Find purchase patterns to respond to customer actions
Incident Report Analysis Incident Report Analysis
Identify patterns from the text of your incident reports
Drug Safety Drug Safety
Determine issues through customer feedback analysis
Market Segmentation Market Segmentation
Group by similar needs, purchase power, or shopping patterns
Risk Assessment Risk Assessment
Predict outcomes based on the analysis of historical behavior patterns
Competitive Intelligence Competitive Intelligence
Keep tabs on IP and changing online content
Execute Reporting Executive Reporting
Real-time KPIs and interactive dashboards
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