Modeling and Risk Analysis

Assess risk accurately and easily

Risk Assessment SoftwareAnalysts frequently need guidance in predicting outcomes of future situations, assessing the probability of the considered outcome, and determining key factors that might influence these outcomes. For example:

  • A bank wants to assess the risk that a customer would default on a loan
  • A retailer wants to predict sales volume to optimize inventory and project revenues
  • A manufacturer needs to identify factors causing malfunctions of the production line
  • A medical system needs to estimate the probability of the patient re-admission in a hospital

Sometimes, analysts have an abstract model of the considered phenomenon, which facilitates the prediction process. But in the vast majority of business situations, all they have at their disposal would be a large repository of historical data. That is why analysts are seeking analytical tools capable of learning from data to develop predictive models.

PolyAnalyst provides a broad selection of tools for automated learning from historical data and building models to predict outcomes of future situations. PolyAnalyst's predictive modeling solution would empower you to:

  • Predict future values of a continuous attribute
  • Solve categorization tasks
  • Reveal clusters of similar records in data
  • Predict the most probable next state of a dynamic process
  • Easily score data in production environment
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