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Every customer interaction is an opportunity to sell more

Purchase Recommendation SoftwareSelling to existing customers is less costly than acquiring new customers. Offering product or services that fit the needs of individual customer builds customer loyalty. Sophisticated customers expect personal relevant information. Megaputer's X-SellAnalyst empowers you to intelligently recommend new products in real time to both existing and new customers. The ability to recommend products to even new customers allows you to maximize on every interaction that a customer has with your sales reps.

Megaputer's purchase recommendation solution, X-SellAnalyst, enables you to:

  • Learn typical purchasing patterns based on the analysis of historical transactions
  • Make suitable purchase recommendations in response to any purchase
  • Provide purchase recommendations fast - at the point of sale
  • Takes into account the probability of purchase, as well as margins for individual products
  • Readily process huge volumes of data
  • Work with data in any relational database
  • Seamlessly integrate intelligent recommendations into your existing sales system
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