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The information economy is driven by knowledge enabling informed and timely decisions. In the aspiration for knowledge, organizations are collecting increasingly more data. Often, far more data than they can efficiently process. Traditional analysis techniques are failing to handle quickly amassing data. Overwhelmed by the glut of data, organizations are seeking new approaches to knowledge discovery.

Megaputer offers intelligent data analysis tools of a new generation. Tools that can derive actionable knowledge from huge amounts of both structured data and text. Tools that are powerful and highly automated, yet easy to use. Tools that timely deliver actionable reports to decision makers. Tools that are backed by many years of experience in building customized solutions for various industries.

Megaputer analytical tools and solutions are used in production environment by over twenty Fortune 100 companies, eight federal government agencies, and about 500 customers overall.

A multi-purpose data-analysis system with flexible reporting capabilities

Automated keyword extraction, concept correlation and document summarization

Learns from historical purchasing patterns and provides real-time purchase recommendations

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