Data Mining. Text Mining. All in a single, intuitive package.

PolyAnalyst derives actionable knowledge from large volumes of text and structured data, delivers this knowledge to decision makers in easy to comprehend custom reports and incorporates it in business processes in the form of predictive models. PolyAnalyst Features

  1. Empowers data analysts to create multi-step data analysis scenarios and report templates for decision makers through a simple drag-and-drop interface
  2. Presents insights derived from data modeling to business users in the form of easy to understand reports, thus enabling them to make more informed decisions.
PolyAnalyst's Data Analysis Capabilities (PDF)

Covering the complete data analysis cycle from data loading and integration to modeling and reporting, PolyAnalyst offers a comprehensive selection of algorithms for automated analysis of text and structured data. Numerous data analysis problems in various application fields are readily solved by PolyAnalyst.

The system enables users to perform numerous knowledge discovery operations:

  • Categorization
  • Clustering
  • Prediction
  • Link Analysis
  • Keyword and entity extraction
  • Pattern discovery
  • Anomaly detection

The new version of the system, PolyAnalyst 6 is an analytical system of the new generation. We redesigned the system from ground up to include all features we had on our customers' wish list. What makes PolyAnalyst 6 different? Here are just a few unique features of the system:

  • Comprehensive joint analysis of text and structured data
  • Impressive scalability
  • Ultimate ease of use
  • Powerful multi-purpose analytics
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Convenient task scheduling and alert generating
  • Simple incorporation in custom solutions
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"PolyAnalyst's flexibility, ease of use, dynamite data discovery engines, and affordable price make it an appealing solution." - Mario Apicella, InfoWorld
"PolyAnalyst provides a unique, powerful set of tools for data mining applications, including promotion response analysis, customer segmentation and profiling, and cross-selling analysis." - Professor Raymond Burke, Indiana University
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