Incident Report Analysis

Identify patterns in your incident reports

Incident Report AnalysisLarge repositories of incident reports were created in many applications fields. Examples would include:

  • Police officers reports
  • Traffic accident reports
  • Aviation incident reports
  • Patient safety reports
  • Nurse care reports
  • Drug safety reports

It is important to investigate historical incident reports and learn common patterns and trends in order to reliably predict and proactively influence possible outcomes of future situations. Yet frequently, the large volume of recorded incident reports makes it impossible to the forest for the trees. It is especially hard for a human analyst to discover unexpected patterns in scores of textual reports.

Megaputer's incident report analysis solution enables you to:

  • Monitor reports for known issues of importance
  • Discover unexpected patterns and trends
  • Predict future outcomes and threats
  • Trace subjects or patterns across all data
  • Identify reports similar to the considered report

The analysis of police reports can help determine similar crime patterns to improve the investigation results, identify potential "problem points", and prevent some crime occurrences in the future. View case study...

The analysis of traffic accident reports reveals driving and accident patterns and correlations and helps perform spacio-temporal root cause analysis to determine and eliminate frequent causes of accidents. View case study...

The analysis of aviation minor incident reports can help identify and fix systematic problems before they cause major accidents. View case study...

The root cause analysis of patient safety and nurse care reports can help learn typical treatment patterns, reveal anomalies, identify and eliminate key problems and improve the overall quality of healthcare.

The value of the analysis of drug safety reports is discussed separately.

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