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Executive Reporting SoftwareBusiness processes of an organization leave a trail of data. Key information about the effectiveness of these processes, emerging trends, threats and opportunities is dispersed throughout huge piles of stored operational data. Armed with this information, the organization management could make better decisions, if they only could extract valuable knowledge from gigabytes of raw data.

Megaputer reports and dashboards incorporated in the PolyAnalyst platform let an organization see the forest for the trees. They carry out sophisticated calculations and aggregations of raw data to display key metrics, graphs and alerts in easy to understand interactive reports. Business users across the organization gain access to up-to-date collections of custom reports summarizing the state of the enterprise for them.

PolyAnalyst dashboards can be developed dynamically. Data analysts use a drag and drop interface to design analysis scenarios and create graphical reports for business users.

Megaputer executive analytics dashboards enable you to:

  • Gain access to key metrics facilitating better decision making
  • Stop worrying about complexities of raw data and concentrate on acting on analytic results
  • Always see results generated on the most up-to-date data without delay
  • Easily create new reports or change existing reports
  • Share reports with all relevant decision makers across the organization
  • Export static snapshots of reports to popular document formats
  • Generate multiple instances of a report with different values of selected parameters
  • Schedule data analysis and reporting scenarios to run at a given time
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