Case Study: EDS

PolyAnalyst facilitates employee survey data analysis at EDS

EDS PolyAnalyst for Text solution first implemented at EDS in the beginning of 2005, is a combination of Megaputer's PolyAnalyst data and text mining tool and EDS's survey analysis methodologies.

It took about two weeks to generate the first usable results from the analysis of employee survey data at EDS with the help of PolyAnalyst. The solution was intuitive and easy-to-use and after a two day training seminar data analysts at EDS were able to carry out data analysis and report generation with PolyAnalyst themselves without any help from outside consultants. The complete implementation of EDS PolyAnalyst for Text took about three weeks.

A single data analyst can carry out both survey data analysis and report generation in PolyAnalyst. At EDS, an HR analyst processing employee surveys is responsible for delivering reports of findings directly to upper management.

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