Drug Safety Report Analysis Solutions

Use customer feedback to improve product safety

Drug Safety SoftwareThe analysis of customer communications related to a specific drug during the post-marketing stage can facilitate early detection and elimination of potential safety issues. The main challenge of such analysis is the large volume of text communications coming through different channels. A large pharmaceutical company can receive up to a million unsolicited comments related to a popular drug.

Pharma companies need to extract for escalation messages related to medical safety and other potential threats. Current manual analysis entails high cost and limited productivity. Companies are seeking automating the process of message categorization.

Megaputer's drug safety report analysis solution enables you to:

  • Integrate data collected through different customer communications channels
  • Perform accurate categorization of reports in near real-time
  • Extract reports that require escalation to route them to proper specialists
  • Help discover and graphically present safety patterns and trends
  • Furnish easy-to-understand reports that summarize key results for decision makers
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