Cross Sell Recommendations

Identify cross sell opportunities from your transactions

Cross Sell Recommendation SolutionsKnowing which products sell together well, you can better plan the layout of products on your floorplan, design point of sale coupon distributon and loyalty card promotions. Megaputer's cross-sell analysis solution identifies good cross-sell opportunities through the analysis of large volumes of historical transactions.

Our software enables you to:

  • Identify groups of products that are sold together well
  • Determine and utilize key sales drivers
  • Detect lucrative cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Optimize the distribution of products over the store shelf space
  • Increase sales through a better coupon distribution program

For more information, read about the features in our PolyAnalyst and XSellAnalyst products.

Featured Case Study: Market Basket Analysis of Sales Data

The goal of the CTP analysis was to determine how likely a customer would purchase a specific product, given the knowledge of what other items are already in this customer's "shopping basket". We need to find the percentage chance of purchasing this specific additional product. In addition, measures of statistical significance needed to be calculated to make sure that these percentages were greater than random chance. Finally, the most significant rules needed to be extracted. Meaningful conclusions were found in the data, and these are provided after a description of the analysis. View the full case study (PDF).

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"During a short time the research team from Megaputer Intelligence developed with the help of PolyAnalyst an effective algorithm for operating in the Russian securities market of short term government bonds and federal loan bonds. Their algorithm delivers 30% of extra income on the average." - Professor Lev Meshalkin, Central Institute of Mathematics in Economy

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