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Complaint Analysis SolutionsA complaint is a blessing. While other customers had probably defected to your competitors without ever notifying you of their decision, this one took a chance to let you know what makes her unhappy. Your opportunity is two-fold. First, the person is still talking to you: this might be your last chance to win her back and turn her into your loyal customer. Second, you hardly can get a more frank indication of what the major drawbacks of your organization are, as seen through the eyes of your customers. And you better learn from that and improve your operation quickly.

There are many challenges in the analysis of complaints. A large organization might correspondingly have a large volume of complaints. They all represent text notes. It might be hard to anticipate the main topic of a new complaint. To address these and other challenges of complaints data analysis, Megaputer offers a dedicated tool built on Megaputer flagship analytical platform PolyAnalyst.

Megaputer complaints analysis tool offers:

  • Intelligent spell checking algorithm for cleaning and normalizing raw data
  • Timely, unbiased and accurate analysis of text narratives
  • Categorization of complaints with respect to a hierarchical taxonomy of topics
  • Discovering previously unknown issues suggested by data
  • Detecting and visualizing emerging patterns and trends
  • Visualizing correlation between values of structured attributes and detected term patterns
  • Presenting results of the analysis in easy to understand reports for business users
  • Generating email alerts upon the occurrence of pre-determined events
  • Easy integration with existing decision support systems
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