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Do you know what your competitors are doing?

Call Center SolutionsHaving timely information about new trends in the market at your disposal, the sentiment of acceptance of your new product by general public, and recent activities of your competitors, you can better plan your own line of action and identify unexploited market opportunities. In principle, all this information can be discovered though the analysis of various news feeds. However, news sources are aplenty, with thousands of news stories added every hour, which makes manual analysis of these news sources a time-consuming and costly endeavor.

Megaputer provides a competitive intelligence tool that to a large degree automates the process of searching for relevant news articles and their analysis. Based on the PolyAnalyst analytical platform, this tool automates the process of loading articles of interest from designates news sources, extracting relevant information from these articles and presenting this information in concise and easy to understand format to facilitate quick decision making.

Megaputer's competitive intelligence software capabilities include:

  • Loading relevant documents from various internet sources
  • Extracting entities and relations from these documents
  • Performing categorization and hierarchical clustering of documents
  • Visualizing discovered trends and patterns
  • Organizing results of the analysis in easy to comprehend reports
  • Generating email alerts upon the occurrence of pre-determined events
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