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Call Center Solutions The increase and decrease in the product or line frequency over time only relay part of the real picture. Hiring several personnel to manually read and assign each dialog to a category is time consuming, inefficient, and error prone. Your call center interactions data contains a large amount of useful information that you can use to make better decisions. Megaputer's PolyAnalyst software gives you an arsenal of analytical tools to help you convert raw call center data into actionable intelligence.

With PolyAnalyst you can:

  • Integrate PolyAnalyst analytics seamlessly with your existing call center administration software. PolyAnalyst is capable of importing and interacting with the vast majority of call center databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle or any other ODBC-compliant system.
  • Merge multiple data marts together. If the call center database is relational and the data you wish to analyze is spread over multiple tables or in multiple locations/systems, you can easily integrate these sources together using PolyAnalyst's joining tools.
  • Filter and purify your call center logs. Look at only specific periods of the log in time. You can, similar to an SQL database query, perform any type of filter, without writing any SQL.
  • Generate heatmaps, scatterplots, histograms, and a variety of charts based on structured attributes such as the call date, agent id, customer id, and product id.
  • Develop multi-dimensional OLAP cubes to aggregate and drill down to slices of your log
  • Cluster and categorize agent-customer dialogs automatically by topic/concept using only 1-2 personnel and a few days of configuration time. Extract key concepts and examine correlations between keywords and specific products. Concepts can also be added as dimensions to OLAP to enable you to analyze structured and unstructured data in the same tool, giving you the total picture.
  • Route logs to specific employees or data outputs, setup email alerts based on data-driven configuration, and schedule processing to occur at your convenience. PolyAnalyst can also integrate with Microsoft Data Transformation Services and similar software.

The above features are a brief overview of the nearly 100 distinct tools available to you.

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