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Call Center SolutionsThe call center is one of the main channels for customer communications, providing an invaluable resource for understanding consumer issues. Customer dialog is spread out over several agents with different dialects and tendencies, and attempting to manually assess what your customer's are relaying is challenging. With the use of Megaputer's PolyAnalyst software, you gain the ability to extract the key insights available in your call center logs, notably within the text of each interaction, where the majority of the information resides. Viewing a report summarizing the key problems by product, various trends, and other key performance indicators, enables you to make timely and intelligent decisions.

Megaputer software features for call center data analysis include:

  • Preparation tools such as automated spelling correction, duplicate record detection and missing value handling
  • Automated coding and categorization of call transcripts
  • Identify emerging hot topics based on changes in concept frequency over a period
  • Automated clustering of transcripts based on keywords and phrases
  • Detection of positive versus negative sentiments
  • An interactive graph of correlations between term patterns and products or regions
  • Multi-dimensional OLAP, with the added ability to include concepts as dimensions
  • Monitoring trends in data and generating email alerts routed to the correct personnel
  • Near real-time analysis on incoming calls
  • Simple integration in your existing data collection, storage and reporting systems
  • Filter and purify your call center logs. Look at only specific periods of the log in time. You can, similar to an SQL database query, perform any type of filter, without writing any SQL.
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