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Megaputer software enables you to make timely, informed decisions using knowledge derived from data analysis

Our success is founded on several key elements:

  • Cutting edge analytics. Megaputer generously invests in research in new data and text analysis technologies. Our unique and growing R&D group works relentlessly on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in data analysis.
  • Close involvement in customer projects. We take pride in constantly learning from real world challenges faced by our customers. This allows Megaputer researchers to identify the most suitable algorithms to address typical problems.
  • Keeping it simple. We know that overly-complicated technologies fail and make every effort to let you enjoy the ease of use of our systems.
  • Dedicated customer support. Customers should never feel abandoned when they are facing complex data analysis challenges. Megaputer provides personalized customer support and a customized analytical consulting option.
  • Powerful technological platform. Customers need analytic solutions available in the framework of their existing IT systems. Megaputer meets these needs by offering a flexible platform for building powerful domain specific analytic solutions.

Our Headquarters

Megaputer Headquarters

We are located in Bloomington, Indiana, only 10 minutes away from the Indiana University campus.

Quick Facts

  • Started in 1997 and headquartered in Bloomington, IN
  • Serves over 25 Fortune 100 companies, 12 US Federal Government agencies, and more than 500 customers in 30 countries
  • Has two R&D centers in Moscow, Russia and Cheboxary, Russia
  • Has representation in 19 countries

Upcoming Megaputer Events

05-2013Dr. Ananyan presents at the 11th Annual Text & Social Analytics Summit
05-2013Tim Keough, VP with QM of Pershing, presents a Case Study at the 11th Annual Text & Social Analytics Summit
02-2013Megaputer exhibits at ACEDS 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition
01-2013Dr. Ananyan presents at Text Analytics World 2013
11-2012Megaputer exhibits at the 10th Text Analytics Summit West
02-2012Megaputer to present at the Warranty Chain Management Conference 2012
02-2010Megaputer is presenting at The Computer Forensics Show
02-2010Megaputer workshop at WCM 2010
03-2009Megaputer presents at WCM 2009
11-2008Megaputer exhibits at NACCM
10-2008Dr. Ananyan presents at the 12th Annual Medicare/Medicaid Statistics and Data Analysis Conference
06-2008Subrogation Prediction Through Text Mining and Data Modeling
05-2008PolyAnalyst Helps the NTSB Enhance Safety of the Aviation Transportation
05-2008Merck Symposium 2008: Using Text Mining to Determine Impactful Clinical Studies
02-2008PolyAnalyst Improves Patient Safety at the Department of Veterans Affairs
01-2008Megaputer Takes Lead in Data and Text Mining with PolyAnalyst 6

Megaputer in the News

01-2010Megaputer Intelligence presents its new text mining solutions to BeyeNETWORK
02-2009Warranty Week Interviews Sergei Ananyan
06-2008ArnoldIT: An Interview with Sergei Ananyan
02-2008Megaputer Makes PolyAnalyst More User-Friendly
11-2007Washington Technology: Workin' in a data mine, Despite controversy and missteps, opportunities beckon
10-2007MLQ4: Can the Forex Market Be Forecasted?
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